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Beat The Feed Pinch This Summer



To help your livestock meet production targets, like live weight gains, condition scores and milk solids, as well as to increase your animal performance and profitability, then you should be thinking about planting summer brassicas.


Key points when considering growing a summer brassica:

  • Is there a feed pinch of high-quality feed during summer into autumn?
  • Are livestock meeting production targets e.g. live weight gains, condition scores, milk solids?
  • Want to increase animal performance and profitability?
  • Potential risk of a dry summer/drought?
  • Is there a risk of animal health issues in summer and autumn e.g., facial eczema, high worm burdens?


More reasons to plant:

  • Will provide high quality parasite-free forage, that’s high protein (leaf) and full of energy-rich carbohydrates (bulbs) to grow high performing animals.
  • Offers a source of important nutrients, potassium, calcium and vitamin C.
  • Remove the reliance on other imported feeds e.g. PKE.




Agricom Spitfire is a modern multi-purpose rape that can be sown in spring for lamb or cattle finishing, summer dairy grazing, or sown in mid-summer to early autumn for autumn and winter grazing.


  • High yielding, intermediate-height rape
  • Low stem DM% and a plant maturity of 13-14 weeks
  • Suitable for summer, autumn and early winter feeding
  • Excellent aphid tolerance




With the widest weed spectrum of herbicides registered in forage brassica, Milestone™ has the most challenging scenario's covered, whilst also providing a high level of crop safety. Milestone helps deliver healthy crops and higher yields.



Use Transform™ for the control of aphids and other insect pests in wheat, barley, forage brassicas and vegetable crops. Transform provides fast knockdown and cessation of feeding to limit crop damage and spread of viruses.



Korvetto™ - Get more flexibility with this innovative herbicide which includes the Arylex™ active delivering greater freedom to operate.

  • Short plant-back for flexibility in crop rotations
  • Best-in-class control of shepherd’s purse and fumitory
  • Excellent crop safety to key forage brassica varieties
  • Built-in MSO adjuvant for ease of use – no need for wetting agents.


Controls: Fumitory, Shepherd’s Purse, Fathen, Nightshades. Californian and other thistles will be supressed.




Sparta™ - The trusted insecticide that’s safer for the applicator and the environment, with little impact on natural enemies of key pests in forage brassicas.

  • Novel mode of action with no record of resistance
  • Exceptional control of key pests
  • Safe for the end user, the environment, and most beneficial insects
  • Photo stability and translaminar activity confer good residual activity.


Controls: Diamondback Moth Caterpillar, White Butterfly Caterpillar, Leaf Miner, Looper Caterpillar, Springtails, Nysius (suppression).




Growing a productive brassica crop such as kale, rape, swedes and leaf or bulb turnips can be hard work. Nufarm has a range of crop protection solutions to help you get the best out of your crops.


In spring, spray out your existing vegetation with CRUCIAL® and Pulse® Penetrant. Any established weeds from the previous crop will be difficult to control in the forage brassicas. Prevent them becoming a problem with an effective spray out programme.


Following sowing, Director® can be applied, prior to brassica and weed emergence to control the following difficult to control weeds such as speedwell, shepherd’s purse and twincress. Other weeds controlled are: barnyard grass, chickweed, henbit, sow thistle, summer grass, wireweed, cleavers, cornbind, groundsel, and portulaca.


Following crop emergence, controlling broadleaf weeds prior to canopy closure reduces competition for light and nutrients. Archer® 750 and Prestige® can be used over all forage brassicas while Kamba® 750 is safe for kale only. SeQuence® can be used to control grass weeds with its preferred adjuvant Bonza® Gold.


Keep an eye out for slug damage during the emergence phase of the brassica. Apply SlugOut® at 10-15 kg/ha.


For further detail, view Nufarm’s full brassica range here and download their FREE guide to successful brassica production this season.




For all agchem products, always consult the label before use.



Ballance Cropzeal Boron Boost - This high-quality compound fertiliser is particularly suited for use in the forage brassica market, as it contains nitrogen, phosphorus and boron. Drilling Cropzeal Boron Boost with the seed puts soluble phosphate where it works best next to the seed plus evenly adds the smidgen of Boron necessary for plant health.



It is important to take a soil test early and get a fertiliser recommendation that is right for your crop.




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