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Whatever crop or pasture you plan on sowing this spring you will more than likely require a spray-out beforehand to kill undesirable grasses and broadleaf weeds. This will also help with soil moisture conservation and assist plant establishment after sowing by reducing weed competition. Chemical weed control with glyphosate will also help reduce the need for excessive cultivation.


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To get the most economical use out of your glyphosate follow these simple guidelines: 


  • Graze or top old vegetation to promote new fresh growth. New fresh growth is the most efficient at uptake and translocating glyphosate down to the root system.
  • Plenty of cover or growth on the spray-out crop or pasture is recommended. Let the new growth reach 5 – 10cm before spraying. This may take up to 28 days at this time of year or as little as 14 days during the growing season. This ensures that all tillers have a green leaf to absorb the herbicide.
  • Spray-out applications on recently grazed pasture can result in poor herbicide efficacy due to dirty leaves, plants hidden beneath dung patches, and small daughter tillers with no leaf for herbicide uptake.
  • Use 2.4 L/ha of Nufarm CRUCIAL® or 3.1 L/ha Nufarm WeedMaster® TS470 with 100ml of Nufarm Pulse® per 100 Litres of water, in 100-200 litres of water per hectare. Specific rates will depend on the target plants (see label). Some perennial weeds such as Kikuyu and Twitch may require more than 1 spray.  It is important to use clean fresh water.
  • Identify the weed species pressure early, a tank mix partner may need to be added. For example Nufarm Nail® 600EC
  • Consider Withholding Periods of tank mix partners, so the first spray-out application may need to be earlier than originally planned.
  • Grazing and cultivating can take place 3 days after application for annual weeds and 7 days for perennial weeds. To get the benefit of root breakdown for easier cultivation a minimum of 2 weeks is required after application.
  • Glyphosate is inactivated on contact with soil and therefore has no residual activity.  It also has low toxicity to humans, animals, and wildlife.


Nufarm Pulse


Pulse® Penetrant





Nufarm Nail.png


Nail® 600EC







WeedMaster® TS470
(in-store only)






(in-store only)




Top products from Nufarm this Spring:


  • Paddocks sprayed with CRUCIAL® can be grazed, cultivated or drilled just one day after treatment for annual weeds, and three days for perennial weeds. That’s two to four days sooner than some other glyphosate formulations. So you get crops and new grass established quicker with less downtime and 15 minutes rainfast with Pulse® Penetrant. Getting the fastest possible turn-around at spring sowing is a great way to farm smarter.


  • WeedMaster® TS470 offers farmers reliable weed control for uses including a pre-plant spray out prior to planting crops or pasture. Its twin salt formulation and unique surfactant blend offers improved plant uptake and enhanced compatibility compared with other mid-tier glyphosates for spray out this spring.


  • Nail® 600EC is a high strength contact herbicide that improves control of many hard-to-kill annual broadleaf weeds. It also increases the speed of brownout and activity on certain broadleaf weeds when tank mixed with knockdown herbicides such as CRUCIAL®. It has proven activity on hard to control weeds such as mallow, storksbill, alligator weed and nettle, as well as for the desiccation of seed potato haulms. Nail ® 600EC has a zero grazing withholding period, no plant back restrictions and rapid absorption with a rainfast period of one hour which is important for spring



Talk to us to find out more about spray-out and the right AgChem products for you.



*For all Nufarm products, always consult the product label before use.