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Reap the Rewards of Long-Term Investment



Replacing older, less productive pastures with brand new ryegrass and taking advantage of newer and stronger genetic material, could be a big part of a successful pasture management strategy this spring. There is no doubt that investing in high performing varieties and taking advantage of newer or different endophytes associated with your ryegrass choice, can make a difference to your stock and potentially your bottom line.




  • Establishes more quickly than other grass types (e.g., fescue, cocksfoot). 
  • Yields well in most situations and is generally very persistent.
  • Tolerates a range of different management practices.
  • Compatible with clovers and some herbs. 
  • Highly productive when managed well. 



Barenbrug Array NEA2 is a new superstar, bred for the good of both your animals and the environment. Delivering a unique mix of high intake, yield, nitrogen uptake and persistence, this is the diploid of the future.



Tordon Pastureboss from Corteva is a selective herbicide for the control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in established pastures.


  • Fast knockdown and brownout

  • Broad weed spectrum 

  • Effective control of weeds with large or complex root systems

  • Stops weed seeds germinating

  • Note: Clovers and herbs i.e. chicory and plantain, are sensitive to Tordon Pastureboss and will be removed from treated areas.



Tribal® Gold is clover and grass friendly herbicide offering outstanding broadleaf weed control in new pasture. Seedling weeds controlled include: buttercups, chickweed, willow weed and wireweed. Developed specifically for NZ pastoral farmers, containing three active ingredients to maximise weed spectrum and control. Tribal Gold has excellent clover safety and a rainfast period of two hours, which in a changeable spring is key.




For all agchem products, always consult the label before use.


Sowing your ryegrass with a starter fertiliser such as Ballance DAP is highly recommended. Products like DAP will give establishing ryegrass plants a great kickstart, as the phosphate is excellent for root development and the extra nitrogen will accelerate growth.



Don’t forget, it is important to take a soil test and get a fertiliser recommendation that is right for your crop.



To find out which perennial ryegrass cultivar will work best for you, talk to your Farmlands TFO.





Contact your TFO or Farmlands store


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