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Farmlands Nutrition division manufactures and distributes high quality animal feeds. The ranges of McMillan, Reliance, and NRM have been formulated by leading New Zealand nutritionists, covering calves and dairy herds through to horses and sheep.  All brands enjoy strong market share with a long and proud reputation for quality and nutritional value. This quality is paramount importance to us – it is the cornerstone of our success and that of our shareholders.


Choose the Farmlands blend of knowledge, expertise, and high-quality feed.

Autumn Feed

NRM Feed


A fixture of New Zealand's rural landscape for more than 120 years, NRM is synonymous with quality manufacturing, innovative products and strong relationships with customers. NRM manufactures bulk and bagged feed from feed mills nationwide, catering for dairy cows, calves, horses, poultry, pigs and more. NRM combines the expertise of their own team of animal nutritionists with international research partners, to provide a complete service for customers.

Autumn Feed

Reliance Feed


The Reliance name is synonymous with quality, and is a long established brand that has been continually producing and supplying quality feed to farmers since then. Quality is of paramount importance to Reliance. All Reliance products are made in New Zealand and are subject to an ongoing and rigorous testing programme to guarantee consistent nutritional value, performance delivery and health compliance. 

Autumn Feed

McMillan Feed


McMillan Equine Feeds share your passion for horses. We recognise that correct and balanced nutrition is a critical component of proper horse care. Your horses need clean and high quality feed at regular intervals to be at their best and Equine Feeds has developed specialist nutrition during the past two decades to meet the needs of the horse. McMillan Equine Feeds is formulated in conjunction with specialist animal nutritionists, to ensure the delivery of high quality feed for your horses, whatever their particular needs.