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Discover High Animal Performance With Chicory



As a drought-tolerant perennial herb, chicory is increasingly being grown in New Zealand for animal fodder. Chicory contains high trace elements and has very high animal performance characteristics, both live-weight gain and milk production. In conjunction with other herbs, chicory can be sown in a pasture mix, with a brassica crop, or as a sole stand for specialist feed.




SeQuence, Valdo and Bonza Gold from Nufarm are ideal options to control weeds in early establishment. As a selective post-emergence herbicide, SeQuence® is especially good for control of annual and some perennial grass weeds in forage herbs like chicory. Adding Bonza® Gold will enhance grass weed control.



Valdo 800WG is a clover-friendly herbicide, for the control of many broadleaf weeds.



Bonza Gold is a high-performance canola oil adjuvant. It is made by reacting canola oil with ethanol made from grain. This canola oil ester is then mixed with emulsifiers and other surfactants to produce an esterified canola oil adjuvant.






Preside™ by Corteva is a good option for post emergent management of broadleaf weeds in clover, lucerne, chicory, new and mature pasture and maize. Always use Uptake™ Spraying Oil with Preside.





For all agchem products, always consult the label before use.





Not all chicory varieties are the same. Choice and Puna II (from Agricom & PGG Wrightson Seeds respectively) have been developed as a perennial forage herb with true perennial chicory parentage. These two species have been bred in New Zealand under local climatic conditions by AgResearch Grasslands. Both Choice and Puna II have been included in extensive animal grazing trials and research has shown both varieties deliver high dry matter production, improved post-grazing regrowth and greater overall persistence.





Choice chicory was bred in New Zealand by AgResearch Grasslands, the breeders of the original forage chicory, Puna. Choice chicory gives high volumes of good quality summer feed for increased animal production. It is commonly used as a pure stand summer crop for milk production and finishing systems. Choice chicory is a good source of minerals (particularly Zn, Cu, Mg, P, Ca, K)

PGG Wrightson Seeds


Puna II


  • High dry matter production
  • A true perennial chicory that lasts more than one year
  • Multi-graze option, recovers quickly after grazing
  • Semi-erect for better crop utilisation by grazing animals
  • Better winter activity than Puna chicory
  • Thick, deep taproot offering drought tolerance
  • Strong persistence
  • Tolerant to sclerotinia
  • Excellent first year production


For a chicory crop to grow to its potential and deliver the desired benefits, a good fertiliser programme is essential. 



Using DAP at sowing supplies nitrogen and phosphorus, both critical to early crop growth. Or, if potassium levels are low (from soil test) or if following another crop, apply Cropzeal 16N at sowing. Chicory can be side dressed in the early stages post emergence, and after grazing.



Remember to soil-test early to help correct any pH deficiencies and tailor your fertiliser programme.



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