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Available for Farmlands Shareholders, purchase $800 or more of any of the qualifying Animal Health Products in one transaction, and receive a $50 voucher towards a Ham!


Maximum of 3 vouchers per shareholder account during promotional period 01/11/23 to 08/12/23. Farmlands Shareholders will receive their voucher(s) after the promotional period.


Terms and conditions with the full list of qualifying products can be found here.



Talk to your TFO, or Farmlands store today!

Cattle pour-on


Help protect your herd from internal parasites with the range of Cattle Pour On found at your local Farmlands or online.



Drench combination plus endectocide


Protect your livestock from worms and parasites with a range of drench combination plus endectocide to suit your requirements.



MULTINE 5-in-1


A clostridial vaccine that protects sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle against Pulpy Kidney, Malignant Oedema, Tetanus, Black Disease and Blackleg.



Injectable Minerals


Assist your livestock with cobalt deficiency with a range of options to suit your requirements.



Sheep dip


Help protect your flock from external parasites such as blowfly strike and lice with the range of options to suit your requirements.





Help support your herd needs during critical periods with an oral multi-vitamin/mineral supplement which can be found at your local Farmlands or online.



Equine wormer


Protect your horses against roundworms, tapeworm and bots with a 3-in-1 combination wormer.



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